oh nooo i’m getting addicted to duolingo

“No last name?”“Yeah. Its strange.”“Well hopefully you can do something with him, he sounds like a handful. I wonder how your family is going to react to him.”“ … Amber?”Shit. She had forgotten her family, where was she going to hide a large russian man within her house!? After a few moments she closed the laptop and rushed over towards Viktor and stood in front of the TV, which caused him to glance up at her, irritated that she was blocking up the TV.

"amber can’t you see i’m trying to watch this little spanish girl ask where the fox is"

“He called Dora something in Russian and looks pretty pissed off.”“Uh- change the channel?”The woman reached over and changed the channel, in which it was showing The Iron Giant. The russian quickly quieted down as he sat back down, watching the pretty pictures move. After she was sure he wasn’t going to bust open the TV, she went back to typing.“He’s now watching Iron Giant.”“Maybe he will become the Giant and you will be the kid or some shit. What is his name anyways?”“Viktor.”

oh noooooo the iron giant

However he would point at the screen of where she needed to go and answer whatever she asked of him. “Sorta? He’s tall, brown hair, russian, and for some reason red eyes?”“Maybe he is an albino that dyed his hair???”“No, that couldn’t be it … He is weird. He didn’t know what a laptop was or his age.”“Holys hit, maybe amesia? Does he remember his name?”“Yeah, he told me it when I first got him out … Hold on. He is screaming at the TV now.”“Omf, what about?”

viktor don’t scream at the tv

“you dID WHAT?!”“HOW IN GODS NAME DID YOUD O THAT?!”“OH MY GOD THE CIA IS GOING TO BE AFTER YOUR AND HIS ASS!!!”“ … Is it cute tho?”At the last message she rolled her eyes, however there was a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips. Quickly she started to type back, making sure to glance up once in a while to make sure that Viktor was sitting there. Red eyes still wide and he had actually started to respond back to the show, normally calling Dora an idiot when she asked for help.


The two of them entered the living room and she forced him to sit down and she turned on the T.V, with the first show coming up as Dora the Explorer. Red eyes went wide as he watched the screen, clearly his mind was trying to understand what was going on. After she was sure that he wasn’t going to run off anywhere, she grabbed her laptop and reopened it and was greeted with many messages from Maxy.


Slowly she removed her hand as she gave a somewhat hard stare towards Viktor before she then asked.“What do you last remember?”“That fucking asylum.”“/Anything/ else?”The man grew quiet. Amber sighed before she then glanced back towards the living room before she then spoke.“Follow me.” “Why should I?”“I /saved/ your life!”Amber said, her arms raising as if to emphasize her point. After a few moments, Viktor pushed himself off of the wall and followed her.


“ … What do you mean 65?”“ … I cant tell if you are messing with me or serious.”Viktor had quieted, not really knowing what to say towards that. One hand, he didn’t want to look like an idiot and the other, he really had no idea what to say. Amber’s expression slowly changed to shock before she then spoke.“You don’t know your age?”“ … What is that?”Slowly a hand covered up her face as she was quiet. So apparently there was much more to this man than she ever known.

oh much more i bet

“You are crushing me!”“It would have not happened if you didn’t yank me backwards.”“You shouldn’t have anyways, now get off-”Viktor pushed himself up and off of Amber before he then walked and leaned up against one of the walls, crossing his arms as his red eyes watched her carefully. Even if she did save him, he wasn’t going to kiss her ass. Slowly Amber had gotten herself off of the ground as she glared at him before she then spoke.“ Are you like, 65 or something?”


t a laptop was so letting him be within the most tech part of the house wasn’t the smartest idea. Quickly she pushed herself up and rushed into the kitchen to where she was met with Viktor sticking his face into the oven, with it heating up. “Get out of there!”She shouted before rushing over and grabbing his scarf, pulling herself and him backwards and away from the heated oven. However, the man had happened to land on top of the woman and she was trying to push him off.

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